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"Well, smell you!"

Picture it: Syracuse NY, 1990. I walk into The Body Shop for the first time and leave with a bar of Oatmeal and Honey soap. Up until this point I had never used another bar of soap other than "Zest" (To this day my entire family still doesn't feel fully clean unless they're ZEST fully clean!) and I thought "this oatmeal soap is fancy!" Well, after I bought that bar of "fancy" soap,

I was hooked. 

Over the years, anytime I go to a gift store or farmers market, I always leave with a bar of handmade soap. One thing that always bugged me about handmade soaps is that for the most part, not always, they were targeted to tree-huggers and were scented with with a handful of the same essential oils. 

Cut to summer of 2018. I am laying on the sofa, reruns of "Housewives" are playing in the background and I just randomly thought "I wonder how you make soap?"

Well, the answer was surprising. It is a lot of work! But,..I LOVE IT! I wanted to make a soap that was fun and a little bit fancy, something that presented well and would make a great gift. It's given me the chance to be creative and to share my love of quality, natural handmade soaps with all of you.


I hope you enjoy! ~ Vinnie

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